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Do you ever just feel overwhelmingly, unrealistically, irresponsibly fortunate?


Well, it’s time that you did.

I have a wonderful book that lives in my bathroom (and tends to wander with me around my house and in my car from time to time).  Don’t read it.  Well, don’t read it if you can’t handle a little profanity and some mind-blowing, happy-tears-in-your eyes, “hallelujah!” moments.

Anyway, the book is Pronoia by Rob Brezny.

Pronoia (his own word), is the antidote to paranoia.  It’s the belief that the entire universe is conspiring to shower YOU with abundance, blessings and all good things.

I’m not going to say a lot more about this, but I’ll just tell you that if you read a little of this book every day, you’ll start to notice just how slap-happy, dumb-lucky you are in at least 1,000 ways.

Woooohoooo!  Give me more of that.

Pronoia, baby.  Turn off the #(*#@! TV news.  Quit reading the newspaper.  And, for God’s sake…stay off the mortgage implode sites!

Make it a great day (or just stand by and watch it happen to you!)

Jacob “the Jackalope” Nordby

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