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OK…the Jackalope doesn’t feel like preaching today.

Here are a couple of cartoons that may make you grin (may the Jackalope suggest that you join him in a buck-toothed grin? :))

sad...but funny

sad...but funny


and a nod to the (finally) completed Summer ’08 Olympics…




So, um…Carpe Diem and stuff

Jacob Nordby


OK…sometimes it’s just best to laugh 🙂

Here you go.





Velma Marketing

“You’ve got to get to the state in life where going for it is more important than winning or losing”
— Arthur Ashe, Tennis Player



It’s very inspiring to watch the Olympics…especially last night when Michael Phelps and Co beat the French (who had been talking SMACK all day about how they would “…smash the Americans”) in the relay swim.

Wow!  Going for it was more important than winning or losing.  How exciting and inspiring.



Velma Marketing

Velma Marketing