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Thank you to Justin Jacobsen–a friend from LoanToolBox–for showing me this truly inspirational short film!

Try this short video on for inspiration!

I play the violin and have learned some of the classical pieces.  It is completely unimaginable to me that someone can play these difficult compositions without all 10 fingers–much less only 4 total.

Anyway, here we are with all of the tools and gifts that anyone could have and we find all the reasons NOT to overcome.

I’m inspired by this amazing human and her ability to adapt and overcome…

go check out the site… Tim is a “lead with the giving hand” guy and always has really solid, actionable strategies.

My good friend and fellow…um…buffalope, Dr. Vincent Kituku, has this to say in his e-newsletter that hit my inbox today.

I encourage you to ponder his points and then go sign up for his newsletter at







Vision, decision, action and persistence are the ingredients you need in these unpredictable times.
Vision overshadows inadequacies related to skills, resources and abilities. It has been said, and proven to be true, that what your mind can conceive, and you believe in your heart, you can achieve. “The most beautiful emotion we can experience is the mystical. It is the power of all true art and science” (Albert Einstein). Dreams are the seeds of success.
A firm decision to make your dream a reality gives the universe a go-ahead in equipping you with the necessary tools. In your decision-making process, formulate your vision into specific objectives with measurable results within a given period of time.
Act on your decision. Faith and decision without action produce ZERO results.
Be persistent with your dream. At times, you will be at the “bottom of the valley” of your dream project. Things won’t work as planned. Learn to jump from one failing (learning) experience to another with a positive attitude. In case you need a “push,” read about the failures of Abraham Lincoln. A successful person is a failure who persists in his or her dreams.
Yesterday has passed to oblivion. We may have had disappointments because of unfulfilled dreams, uncompleted projects, broken promises and relationships. The past is not a place to dwell. It’s a reference point.
Beware of dream-busters, such as hanging around negative associates, your own fear and reading or watching insignificant materials. Ponder this: Watching TV for six hours per day translates to fifteen years of one’s life at 60 years of age.


“Think of success as a game of chance in which you have control over the odds. As you begin to master concepts in personal achievement, you are increasing your odds of achieving success.”
— Bo Bennett, Author

I imagine that you may have seen this clip before, but I have to tell you that it’s more applicable now than ever.

Tony talks about managing emotion and state of mind.  If you, like most of the world right now, find that your emotional state seems to run up and down like a rogue rollercoaster, you’ll probably appreciate this clip!

Warm Regards…

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”
— St. Francis of Assisi

I love this quote!

So, here’s how to manage a serious “crunch time” crisis:

Step 1). Start by doing what’s NECESSARY.  We usually can figure that out.  What can I do right now that is necessary?  Usually the answer to that question is right in front of our nose–like…return the phone calls, clear undewriting conditions, pay the bills, etc.  Usually this step involves work that we’ve been avoiding for whatever reason.

Usually, by taking decisive action on simple things that we KNOW to do, we break the power of inertia and get into practical forward motion.

Step 2).  Next do what’s possible.  We often create impossibilities in our mind-space when we are experiencing “down” emotions.  By starting with Step 1 (do what’s necessary!), we can often begin to see what’s possible and start to also do that.  After we’ve done what’s necessary in a day (start with the least-pleasant task on the list and just decimate it!), then we almost certainly experience the rush of emotional energy needed to do the “What’s possible” on the list.

Step 3). Enjoy the winner’s edge.  We often look at record-breaking performances and think, “wow!  how did they capture the magic?  why can’t I do that, too?”.  Well, the formula is simple.  Do what’s necessary.  Do what’s possible.  Day after day.  With passion and patience.  Then, suddenly, we are enjoying the fruits that only champions experience.  Ask most high achievers and you’ll discover that they don’t feel like it all happened overnight.  It’s almost always a process of time and perseverance.

My fellow Jackalopes…I bring you this in hopes that the words encourage you as they have me!

Make it a great day!

Jacob Nordby

PS…I thought you’d enjoy this little YouTube clip that became YouTube Video Of The Year!




I do a lot of posting on here about motivation, determination, success and other important attitude-stuff.

Truth be told, I love reading and thinking about those things.

On the weekends, though, I find that I badly need to get my energies re-alligned and back in rhythm.

My short video shows some footage of beautiful Idaho mountain scenery and me talking about how I recharge on the weekends.

Jacob “The Jackalope” Nordby



OK…then, some serious magic happened–something I couldn’t anticipate.  Watch the elk show up to my party!


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