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“A champion is one who gets up even when he can’t.”
— Jack Dempsey, Heavyweight Boxing Champion



How many times have you been knocked down over the last 2 years?

I sometimes watch boxing matches and pick out my favorite fighter.  As the rounds go by, it’s so easy to see how fatigue becomes a greater adversary than the actual opponent.

Then, the guy I want to pull it off starts taking body shots.  He’s hurting and exhausted.  He has stinging sweat running down into his eyes.

I find myself clenching my own fists and squinting my eyes and saying, “come on!  come on!  you can do this…”.

So, how do you feel right now?  Are you gasping for breath and trying to keep your hands up?  Have you taken a few blows to the head?

 If so, you may be closer to victory than you think.  Hang in there, my friend.  Get into your corner and catch your breath if you need to.  Let your coaches and supporters help you keep perspective.


Jacob Nordby

Velma Marketing

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