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You may have seen this simple presentation before.  If you haven’t, it’s one to watch.  If you have seen it (I had), it’s a wonderful time to be reminded of its truth.

I recommend that you take a short break.  Close your door, turn up your speakers, take a deep breath and watch this…


Presenting: “The Dash” Movie…Click here to watch

It was sent to me by my great friend and web/graphic designer extraordinaire, Thayne Rigby.  If you want to see what Thayne’s all about (including his abilities to create flash presentations like this one–The Dash isn’t his, but he does stuff just like it), visit him at .  He’s a special guy and can create wonderful websites and every kind of beautifully printed piece you can imagine…at a great price. (I don’t get a commission for saying that, either 🙂 )

Make it a great day.  Be mindful.  Slow Down.

Jacob Nordby

Velma Marketing