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Inspiring music movie


Alisa Johns, a top writer at LoanToolBox, sent me this YouTube clip and I watched it a couple of times in the middle of a busy day.

I know you’ll enjoy the message–with the twist at the end. It requires a little attention, so don’t try to multitask while you’re watching this one.

By the way, this short film was voted the #1 short of the Cannes’ pick by the worldwide YouTube audience…

I encourage you to watch it and think about how you can change your world by seeing–or saying–things in a different way.

“Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.”
— Samuel Johnson, Writer

 I think it’s so easy to go to a big seminar, watch the super-hero speakers under the spotlights and just make the assumption that great deeds are only done by the “big” people.

Seems like it’s time to take a step back and remember that the true courage happens most often in pretty unglamorous ways.  It’s the daily insistence on becoming brilliant with the basics–even when we feel like crawling in a hole and pulling it in behind us–that gives birth to a certain internal “kick-ass-ness” you probably never get when times are easy and good.

So, I, for one, commit to my fellow Jackalopes and all of our shaved-sheep pals that I will stand up today and do what it takes.  I’ll do it with style and flair.  I’ll do it outrageously (heck, I might even make myself laugh at myself).  However I do it, I promise that I will end the day knowing for sure that I’ve practiced what I preach.

Thank you, brother Jackalopes (still waiting for a few sister Jackalopes to show up).  Knowing you are there gives me courage and faith.

Jacob “the Jackalope” Nordby

Here’s a list of a few books I think we ALL should read right now (or re-read, if we think we’ve done it before) Widgets

“Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get”
— Ray Kroc, Executive

It’s one thing to get all excited and feeling good about life on a sunny summer weekend.

It’s a whole different proposition to wake up on Monday morning, sit down at the desk and say, “where did all my happy feelings go?”

Let me, Jacob “The Jackalope”, say to you that it’s time to roll up your sleeves (mine are already rolled!).  Attack the one or two top tasks RIGHT NOW that you kind of know need to be done, but aren’t very much fun.

Let’s get ’em done.  I promise you that if you start out with a little hard work this morning, you’ll feel great and be ready to tackle your week.

Love the quote by Ray Kroc.  I guess he’d know better than just about anyone, wouldn’t he?

Make it a great day!

Jacob “the Jackalope” Nordby

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