Well…I decided to start this blog because the constant drumbeat of bad news about real estate, finance, and the economy as a whole was really starting to grind in my Speedo!

The truth is, life is what we make of it and that’s a fact whether the stock market is up or down.  On this blog, my intent is to share both optimism and real, gritty truth.  Sometimes we need a little sunshine, but just as often we could use a swift truth-kick in the bootie.  Fortunately, you don’t have to endure a bunch of pompous preaching from me.  I’m harvesting the thoughts of great people from many generations to inspire us and motivate us to positive action.

I am a passionate creator and entrepreneur based in Boise, Idaho.  With my family, I have started several companies–most of which are in, or affected by, the real estate market in some way.  This presents fascinating challenges and knotty puzzles, but I am actually grateful for the opportunity to grow as a businesshuman.

I am a husband–married to the first girl I kissed (yes, really…) for almost 15 years–a father of three amazing creatures (two boys and one girl), and a glutton for truth, knowledge and electrifying experiences.

My companies:  www.northcitymortgage.com (residential mortgage lending); www.velma.com (contact/marketing software–virtual electronic marketing assistant)