Here we go…

It’s easy to see the news.  It’s everywhere.  We’re all affected by it–even if we don’t really spend any time watching TV news reports.  I, for example, really never watch any of the talking heads on TV.  My financial news usually comes through the Mortgage Market Guide .

So, today I shot a video in my offices (if you look closely, you can see the MMG bond market charts over my shoulder on the big projection screen).  The purpose of this short clip is to let my clients, friends, referral partners, and others see that I am on top of what’s happening out there and that there is good news buried in all the craziness.

Beyond posting this clip on YouTube and pushing it out on this blog, I will embed the YouTube link into an email and send it out to my contacts using’s new (beta testing right now) email capability!

Without further ado, here’s the clip…   Enjoy your weekend.  Get some rest.  Be happy.