Jacob Nordby

Jacob Nordby -- Jackalope

First things first.

Go watch this short Pixar film and then come back here.

You can only know what a Jackalope is and why you want to be one AFTER you see this film


Now, briefly…

My name is Jacob Nordby.

I live in Boise, Idaho and am passionately engaged in life from all angles.

I’m an entrepreneur (a mortgage company, a tech/marketing company–Velma.com, etc.).  I am a husband of one, a father of three, a brother of six and a friend to many.

I believe that we humans are on this earth to fully experience it.  I believe that we can live with great joy and abundance.  I believe, like any jackalope would, that success and creativity and surprising flashes of inspiration should be our normal mode.

More on all of this later.

For now, decide to join me in the growing Jackalope Club!

Jacob “the Jackalope” Nordby